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Tasty Tuesday Linkup 7/29

“Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat.” -Giada De Laurentiis Come, link up your Tasty recipes with us every Tuesday! An InLinkz Link-up


Big Sky Organic Chicken Feed Analysis

This is part of a series on commercial chicken feed. In this part I analyzed Big Sky Organic chicken feed. What do they use to make it and how much will it cost you?


Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy ducks are a weird bird. They are the only domestic duck that is not from the mallard family, they are more closely related to geese than ducks. They are larger than a duck, yet not nearly as large as a goose. The males are almost twice the size as the females. Drakes can get […]


Safe Egg Handling Practices: Are we doing it right?

People are passionate about how they choose to store their freshly collected eggs. Do cultural differences play a part in the decision you make? Do new chicken owners with no guide to pass down the skills make different decisions than someone who has a family that raised chickens for years? Let’s talk egg safety.

SchneiderPeeps - Bee Update

What’s Up With The Bees?

The bees are doing wonderful this summer. In fact we have already had to harvest some honey from our top bar hive. Come along and see what it was like.