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Simple Broth Storage

Broth Storage

A simple way to store broth. It’s easier and quicker than canning and you can use little bits without having to defrost an entire container of frozen broth.


How To Save & Plan for Half a Hog

Finding a local farmer from whom you can purchase meat in bulk is a treasure! Raising it yourself is even better. However, the expense of purchasing and processing a hog or beef is high. In this post, learn a few ways to ease the expense at the butcher for processing half a hog, and see […]

7 Proven Steps to Feed a Family on a Tight Budget

Feed a Family on a Budget

For centuries people have grown wholesome food, made meals out of it, and fed their families. Today so many have lost the ability. Following these simple steps to feed a family on a tight budget you will not only save money and eat well but also be healthier.


Saying No to Say Yes

Whenever I say “yes” to one thing I have to say “no” to another. This year I’m saying no to say yes. Will you join me in saying yes to to the important?