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Green Thumb Thursday

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The Look of Today’s Homesteader

Are you drawn to a simpler way of life? If so, you are like so many Americans tired of the super highway they call life and embracing the homesteading movement is in full force! Gone are the days when everyone is looking to climb the social ladder. Now many are learning to live on less […]

Money rainy day

Homestead on a Dime | Make Extra Money Update

It’s time for February’s Homestead on a Dime update. This month I earned an extra $95 for extra homestead supplies. Come see how you can earn extra homestead cash too (in 10 minutes a day).

Concentrated Laundry Soap

Concentrated Whipped – Homemade Laundry soap

My new love for all my laundry wash days is homemade Laundry Soap – Concentrated and Whipped! Recipe ↓↓ at the end. But be sure to read what made me move over to this recipe after using others for a long time.

Play Why Not Get to the Real Learning

Play, Why not get to the Real Learning?

Play is the most important part of a young child’s education and with our school systems cutting out more and more play time and pushing kids academically to prepare for testing, we are losing the most important parts of our education. It’s time to take back the focus on the importance of play!