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Old Fashioned Farmers in a Modern Day

We are often asked why we call ourselves “New Old-Fashioned Farmers.” The answer of course is simple. We call ourselves this because we farm the way my grandparents taught me, like their parents taught them, at least in manner that is. Since we farm in a modern, tech filled world we have a some variances, […]


The Biggest Decision of Your Life

There is one decision you will make in life that will affect everything in your life. From your homesteading dreams to your Hollywood dreams. Your life at home is most deeply influenced by this. But the reality is, this isn’t a decision at all.


Does It Take A Village To Homestead?

The question has been raised recently about whether or not a community is necessary for homesteading. That is, do homesteaders require constant financial and physical assistance from those around them? This is a loaded question and I hope that I can give a good answer. The answer, after much thought is … Yes, but …. […]


January: A Time for Garden Prepping

It’s cold and gloomy in most of the northern hemisphere in January, but it’s the right time to start planning for this summer’s harvest. Gardening weather may seem a long way off, after all, it is winter, what’s a gardener to do? Just remember, it’ll be warm enough outside to plant in a few months […]


7 Tips on How to Prune Blueberries for a Larger Crop

Learn these 7 easy tips on how to prune your blueberry bushes for a larger fruit yield and healthier plants. Blueberries will give abundant crops when cared for properly. Learn which kind of soil they like best, how to amend yours, and tips for keeping disease away.