Unplugged: Amanda’s Homesteading Journey

It all started with the unplugging of the television. I came home after another stressful day at work, sat on the couch and grabbed for the remote. “Click”. Nothing. “I unplugged it,” my husband answered to the confused look on my face. That one small act began a journey towards self sufficiency. We are nowhere […]

Seven Easy Steps to a Cutting Board

7 Easy Steps to a Wood Cutting Board

Do you love the look and feel of wooden cutting boards but hate the price tag? Wood cutting boards are better for your knives, made of a renewable resource, way better for the environment, and there are arguments that state that it is more sanitary than plastic. The best part about all of this, is […]


When Homesteading Was Considered Patriotic

The other day, I was surfing around Pinterest and came across some really cool posters from WWII (World War 2). They were all about farming, raising chickens and pigs, planting more beans, and having victory gardens. Homesteading was patriotic, or at least the raising of chickens, pigs, and growing food was patriotic. I admit I […]