DIY well testing


Have you ever had the need to see if there is water in a well? Or maybe to find out how deep your well is or what the static water level might be? Well, we recently purchased an 8 acre parcel that will be our future homestead in a year. It has a well on […]

MCS Not For Sissies….

MCS Not For Sissies (2)

No matter what you call it MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Environmental Illness. If you live in this 2100 Century you are either now plagued with the consequences of daily exposures to toxic chemicals or soon will be. Chemical overload of our environment is growing daily, and the exposure is creating an epidemic of people […]

Genetically Modified Cows Pushed as Frankensolution to Milk Allergies!


Pasteurized milk from dairy cows contains the protein s-lactoglobulin (BLG), which is not present in human milk. Because it’s a major milk allergen, an attempt at decreasing BLG by engineering genetically modified cows has gained much attention recently in the science community. According to a recent study, Analysis of hormonally induced milk from [these calves] […]