Starting from Scratch: Teri’s Story

“Homesteading to me is a mind-set and a skill set. Developing homesteading skills does take time and effort. But more importantly, it’s important to develop a can-do attitude and to cultivate relationships that foster interdependence, even when we’re striving for self-sufficiency.” -Teri Our homesteading journey began in Oregon in 1999. After several months of living […]


Making Our Mud Oven

Ever want to make pizzas or artisan bread in an earthen oven? With a fair amount of dirt, sweat, and some low-cost or free materials, you can craft this charming, electricity-free outdoor oven. Last year, my husband built us a handsome, highly-functional mud oven in our own backyard. It was quite the task, but one […]


The Rental Homestead: Amber’s Story

“To me, homesteading involves a sense of connection to the simple ways – now I don’t mean “less work” when I say simple…it is usually the other way around! But there’s a pleasure that comes from simple work.” -Amber For her first three years of life, Amber lived with her parents in an old sharecroppers’ […]